Treatment of Asbestos Diseases

Types of Treatments

Treatment attempts to relieve symptoms and prevent complications and may include daily exercise, limits on activity, dietary modifications, drug and oxygen therapy and chest physiotherapy as well as other measures.

It is often stated that there is no cure for asbestos disease, however there are various types of disease that result from asbestos exposure. Some conditions such as lung cancer can be cured. The treatment of mesothelioma has improved and various drugs are being trialed to try to halt the progress of mesothelioma. For other conditions such as asbestosis, the consequences of the scarring of the lung – such as chest infections, difficulty with breathing, mucus build-up – may be treated.

Speak to your doctor

It is essential that anyone diagnosed with an asbestos disease seeks appropriate professional medical assistance. The starting point is usually the person’s general practitioner and then possibly specialists advice can be sought. If you need to find a general practitioner you can feel comfortable with to discuss your concerns about your condition or any other health issues, try asking family and friends if they can recommend someone in your local area.

For asbestos disease and mesothelioma as an example, there is not one treatment that is best for everyone. Some persons with mesothelioma undertake an alternative treatment regime and others undertake a more traditional regime. Again a person with asbestos disease should be guided by appropriate professionals.